The base fee for computer maintenance work is only £20 which includes call out, diagnosis and health check.  Once a diagnosis has been carried out any further work and associated costs will be discussed and clearly explained.

Call Out – Visits to your home or workplace in Roath and the surrounding areas of central Cardiff are covered in the base fee.  Collection of laptops is available, but desktops or larger items requiring extensive work would have to be dropped off at our convenient location.  Visits further afield will be considered but may incur an extra fee.

Diagnosis – Complete software and hardware investigation to work out exactly what your computer requires

Health Check – Virus scan, spyware and malicious software removal

Laptop Repair – Screen replacement, power issues, ram and processor replacement, heatsink cleaning and general maintenance

Other Services

Speed Boost – Registry cleaning, software removal, hard drive de-fragmentation and startup improvement to increase the performance of your PC

Upgrades – Both laptop and desktop systems can often be improved to provide the optimal hardware configuration and user experience

Bespoke builds – Whatever you require from your computer, we’ll do the research and spend the time to provide you with the best machine possible within your budget

Data Recovery – Basic recovery solutions offered including file table rebuilding, physical disk checks and deep scans for specific file types